Monday, June 24, 2013

Glam Candy - Our Weekend Photo Shoot!

Hey Team Candy!

This weekend was seriously cray. Friday we were jam-packed with meetings, and Saturday and Sunday we spent time prepping for/ doing our big photo shoot! It was awesome - shout out to our models: Alexis, Ashley, Juju, Natalie, and Emma, you guys were great! In addition to looking fierce in front of the camera, you were also a pleasure to work with. True Candy Chicks at heart!

Below I've attached some behind the scenes photos from the shoot. Our official photos are still in post production, but hopefully these give you a little sneak peak of what's to come...

Glitter makes everything better.

Susannah and the girls workin' hard (and May and I lurking)

May and I hanging in the green room.

Proper goggle fit is always essential.

Lunch between takes with some of our beautiful models. From left to right: Emma, Juju, Alexis, and Natalie.

May and I in some LabCandy gear!

Everybody after a long day.

Also, I would be remiss not to give a HUGE shout out to our photographer Susannah Benjamin. Below is a description from her Facebook fan page:

"Susannah Benjamin is a 19 year old photographer represented by NYC agency Rona Represents specializing in conceptual, fine art, and fashion photography.
Work experience includes:
Back cover of Beyoncé's DVD, "Four Intimate Nights," press photographer for Beyoncé, editorial for FLAUNT magazine, editorial for Vs. Magazine, feature in NYLON magazine, feature in 125, feature in WAD, feature in Hotshoe, editorial for MAKER, book covers for the UK Embrace teen trilogy, book cover for Louis Liv novel, editorial for Footwear Plus catalog, contributing writer and photographer for book Creative Portraiture, Digital Camera Magazine's International Young Photographer of the Year 2007, feature in Shutterbug magazine, feature in Practical Photography Magazine, shot best-selling author Michael Cunningham for the cover of Yale University's Q Magazine, shot for Yale University's division of Rent the Runway, featured on the cover of Greenwich Magazine, feature in TECHMag China, editorial featuring singer Alix Winston for aWANTEDmag, interviewed by Lookbooks, shot MC2 and FORD model cards, etc."

Needless to say, Susannah is kind of a superstar and it was incredibly kind of her to take time out of her busy schedule (she's currently working at Rolling Stone Magazine) in order to do our shoot for us. Susannah and I met for the first time here at Yale in a neurobiology lecture class, and from the moment I met her I was struck by the unique way that she viewed the world. I've learned a lot from her - not only about photography, but also about how to lead a intellectually curious life. Some shots that I stole off her personal flickr page for your viewing pleasure:

The photo above was recently chosen as one of five finalists in a worldwide National Geographic competition. It's titled, 'I see the world in you.'

Yes, Susannah shot Beyonce. Yes, they used her picture for the back cover of Beyonce's concert DVD. Fierce.

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures! I know we had a lot of fun taking them. Don't forget to show this blog to your friends and add us on twitter!! @LabCandyCo. Also, go like Susannah's Facebook page: Susannah Benjamin Photography.

Stay sweet,

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