Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet The Candy Chicks!

Hi Everybody! Today I wanted to introduce you to the ladies of LabCandy...
(drumroll please)

The Candy Chicks!

s/o to the amazing Sami Hernandez for the character sketches!!!

Our goggles and lab coats aren't just lab equipment - every piece of gear belongs to one of our Candy Chicks: Alexis, Zoe, Sage, and Kate! All the Candy Chicks have different stories and interests, but one thing brings them all together: a love of science. Hopefully, our young girls out there can relate to at least one of these diverse personalities and love them as much as we do! Below we've let the Chicks introduce themselves.

Name: Alexis

Favorite Color: Pink!

Favorite thing to do in the lab: I love it when we do group experiments. It's so much fun whenever I get together with my girls -plus I always work better when I have someone to bounce ideas off of!

Favorite thing to do outside of the lab: I like to go to my movies with my friends, or play dress-up.

Favorite thing about science: It brings all of my friends together in a really positive way - together, we can solve important problems!

Anything else? : Lab research isn't my only passion. One day, I want to work in the white house office of science and technology policy, so I can help make science more accessible for everyone!

Name: Zoe

Favorite Color: Black with some sparkles on it!

Favorite thing to do in the lab: I love working with some rockin'     chemicals and seeing how they interact. Big reactions are my fave!

Favorite thing to do outside of the lab: I love jammin' solo on my guitar, or writing songs for my band!

Favorite thing about science: A little bit of chemical can create a big reaction - just like me! I'm a little gal but one day I'm going to have a big impact.

Anything else? : My favorite song is 'Barracuda' by Heart


Name: Sage

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite thing to do in the lab: Anything bio related and I'm down. I just did a really super experiment that tested how different colored light effects plant growth. Totally radical!

Favorite thing to do outside of the lab: In my free time, I volunteer in a local garden helping to grow organic crops for my school's cafeteria.

Favorite thing about science: Science is the language of mother nature! It helps us figure out how the world works. I want to use science to help  save our planet!

Anything else? : I have two dogs who I love sooooo much! I named them after two of my favorite scientists: Marie and Rosalind.

Name: Kate

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite thing to do in the lab: Computer programming is my fave. Our lab just got a 3D printer- it's so much fun to see all my designs come to life!

Favorite thing to do outside of the lab: I love playing video games or writing in my diary.

Favorite thing about science: Some people think that coding is just about finding a right or a wrong answer, but I disagree. For me, coding is about creativity - when I'm at my computer, I have the whole world at my fingertips!

Anything else? : The other girls tell me I'm quiet, but that's just because I'm always thinking of new ways to solve problems!

I hope you all enjoyed meeting our Candy chicks. We've got some really big stuff happening this weekend, so keep checking back for more info! Also, remember to share this link on Facebook and Twitter.


xoxo LabCandy

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