Saturday, August 30, 2014

How One Teacher Changed My Life #InspiredSTEM

My passion for science was fueled by a series of incredible teachers. In particular, Mary Cahill and Denise Reitz.

Ms. Cahill was my middle school biology teacher, and her enthusiasm for biology was infectious.  Ms. Reitz was my high school advisor as well as science teacher.   Her expert advice,  kind professionalism, and non-stop encouragement steered me to a better life path. I wrote her into the LabCandy storybook, and she helps Ava save the day just as she did with me many times.

Those people who inspire us to stretch outside ourselves deserve a shout out!  They are teachers, mentors, family, friends, clergy folk, business women and men, and other rock stars who are often behind the scenes but play a big part in our lives.  Who inspired you? Join me in giving them recognition by posting it on Facebook or Twitter, and including the hashtag #InspiredSTEM. (photos rock too).

I plan to pull these statements together for a dedicated page on LabCandy’s website that gives recognition to all of the inspirational people who have touched our lives!  



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